Baci Fold Academy Summer/Fall                                        After  School Program                                                        

_______Covid-Delta variants Procedures______

As we plan to open for our After School Program, it is critical to open safely and remain open. To achieve the importance of opening safely and remaining open it is essential to decide when and under what conditions to help protect students, families, and staff slow the spread of Covid-Delta variant. Therefore, it is critical for Baci Golf Academy to implement and heavily rely on  the CDC and local government officials for guidance.

Your child's safety and health are Baci Golf Academy's top priority. Baci Golf Academy has taken extra precautions during our current pandemic (Covid-Delta variant.) Please let us work together to better ensure a safe and healthy environment for all. Please immediately notify a Baci Golf Academy manager if your child(ren) has been exposed to Covid-Delta variant and/or showing any symptoms of the virus. Please discuss with your children the importance of following our procedures.


Student Requirements:

  1.  Students are required to bring hand sanitizer to be applied when needed during our After School Program.

  2.  Parents/Guardians must check child's temperature every afternoon prior to arrival. The parent/guardian is to notify a Baci Golf manager immediately if their child has a temperature of 100* or higher. The child(ren) will not be able to return to our program until after a (14) day quarantine.

  3.  During drop off parent/guardian must sign a one-time Disclaimer Form releasing Baci Golf Academy of any covid related illness(s.) Baci Golf Academy will provide the form at check-in. 

  4.   Sunscreen must be applied to children prior to drop off. Please remember to apply sunscreen to the ears:)

  5.  Children are required to wear a hat or visor to protect themselves from the harmful rays. 

  6.   Child(ren) are required to bring a water bottle. 

  7.  Online registration ONLY. Walk-ins will not be permitted

  Baci  Golf  Academy's  Commitment 


   1).   Baci Golf Staff will screen students daily for Covid-Delta variant related signs/fever/symptom(s) prior to  entering the building and/or joining the other students.

   2).  Baci Golf Academy will furnish parent/guardian      with the required covid-19 waiver form(s) during registration.

   3).  Baci Golf Academy staff members will take all            responsibility for sanitizing any shared equipment daily at the end of After School hours. (Baci Golf Academy has    enough  equipment to avoid sharing of equipment.)

4).  Baci Golf staff will take students temperature before child(ren) are permitted to join the others students.